Alexandra Hochguertel, Diana Moldovan and He Cong by Alexandra Sophie for Vogue Japan, August 2015

Alexandra-Hochguertel-Diana-Moldovan-and-He-Cong-by-Alexandra-Sophie-in-Vogue-Japan-August-Issue-6a Alexandra-Hochguertel-Diana-Moldovan-and-He-Cong-by-Alexandra-Sophie-in-Vogue-Japan-August-Issue-2 Alexandra-Hochguertel-Diana-Moldovan-and-He-Cong-by-Alexandra-Sophie-in-Vogue-Japan-August-Issue-3 Alexandra-Hochguertel-Diana-Moldovan-and-He-Cong-by-Alexandra-Sophie-in-Vogue-Japan-August-Issue-4 Alexandra-Hochguertel-Diana-Moldovan-and-He-Cong-by-Alexandra-Sophie-in-Vogue-Japan-August-Issue-5 Alexandra-Hochguertel-Diana-Moldovan-and-He-Cong-by-Alexandra-Sophie-in-Vogue-Japan-August-Issue-1

Publication: Vogue Japan August 2015
Models: Alexandra Hochguertel, Diana Moldovan & He Cong
Photographer: Alexandra Sophie
Stylist: Irina Marie
Hair : Alessandro Rebecchi
Makeup : Alice Ghendrih

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